Brand Story

Our country started to limit the plastic in 2008 , so some successful entrepreneurs gathered together to discuss the white pollution hazards: burning plastic, polluting the atmosphere, the sky gray; plastic waste can not be disposed, causing soil pollution, reducing crop production ,water pollution, the extinction of terrestrial and sea life ,we can’t imagine our living environment in the future.

Plastic package  is very harmful to the ecological environment , therefore, four young entrepreneurs have a great idea : if we can produce more recycled paper bags instead of plastic bags, it will reduce the chances of using a plastic packaging, our environment will be less damaged, our health will be secured well! But throughout China, water-based flexographic printing technology and automatic bagging technology are at least 50 years behind other countries. The industry, whether it is the standard one , or raw material supply chain, is lacking of special equipment , so the four entrepreneurs hit it off: China needs an Environmental paper bag leading enterprises in order to make Chinese and the world's health safe environmentally friendly paper bags! There is a need of China environmentally friendly packaging and printing enterprises to carry the banner of China's environmental protection.The four young entrepreneurs in the responsibility and dreams inspired by the wisdom of the covenant! 

Thus, in Fujian, an environmentally friendly printing and packaging enterprises - Fujian Nanwang Packaging Ltd was formally established.

After years of development, Nanwang changed its name to Fujian Nanwang Environmental Protection Technology PTY Ltd in 2016 , was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), expanding the scale, achieved the aspirations of the four entrepreneurs on that year, truly became a leader in China's environmental paper bag industry.